About Me

I am a seasoned media veteran with more than 20 years experience across multiple mediums. I am passionate about the craft of writing and about adhering to the proper way of assembling a product fit for consumers.

As a writer, I am always focused on getting to the heart of the drama and on properly telling every story I take on. I know it is a privilege to be given a platform to tell stories and take great pride in protecting that privilege.

As an editor, I am focused on innovative ideas and new ways of telling what may seem like the same old story.

As a manager, I thrive on building editorial teams and developing young talent. At B/R especially, I loved telling our story and was proud of the company’s commitment to building talent from within. Equally, I felt an obligation to find the right kind of more established writers that our younger writers could aspire to.

I believe in paying dues, I have no patience for dealing with an ever-growing false sense of entitlement. And now, I will get off my soapbox.

I am a proud grad of Fordham University and a native of Portland, Maine. I have lived in New Hampshire, in and all around New York City and currently live in Bluffton, S.C.

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