Pix Week 6 Results: The Mayor Pulls Out an Overtime Victory

We had our wildest barn burner finish of the year thus far in Week 6, as a weeks’ worth of picks came down to a crazy end to an otherwise pathetic game between the Texans and the Colts.

With about eight minutes to go in the game, Larry Boysel had the win within grasp, just like the Colts. Andrew Luck was breezing and the Texans offense looked lost. But then, the Colts’ defense fell asleep, Brock Osweiler looked like Tom Brady and Luck looked like … well, Andrew Luck.

The end result was our first split result of the season, with a separate free winner and a paid jackpot winner. Bluffton mayor Lisa Sulka pulled out the points victory, scoring a season-high 63 points to take the automatic bid to the Pix playoffs. She edged out Ron Wilson, who gets a great consolation as the paid pot winner. Wilson scored 58 points and takes home the $68 pot (just about recouping his investment for the season).

Scott L. (53 points) also picked the Texans and leap frogged Boysel, who finished fourth with 53 points. Doug Leclair joined the 50-point club as well, finishing fifth with 51 points.

The top three actually finished top 3 after the college games with Dale Butts and Susan Leclair in close pursuit. The lead actually changed hands eight times over the course of the NFL finishes before Sulka pulled out the win.

Rollin Herold and Rob Gillinder each finished among the top 5 in NFL picks to pull into the top 10 overall for the week.

As for repeat winners, it’s still not to be. Steve Kistulentz finished strong but finished 11th out of our 68 players.

Nearly 20 percent of our players cashed in on all three bonus picks to make up some ground in the overall year-long standings.

Our current top 10: Alan Arseneau 223, Kistulentz 219, Russell Holley 214, Tim Wood 206, Debbie Wood 195, Adam Carroll 193, Wilson 181, Diana Pinkham 175, Eric Bowman 174 and Barry Wood 166.

Just one bonus pick here, as we’re looking for the winner of Game 5 of the Cubs-Dodgers series.

It’s never too late to get into the contest as each weekly winner gets a spot in the playoffs. And with so much turmoil in the cumulative totals, there’s still plenty of time to get in on the battle for year-long champion.

Each week, I post out 10 college football games and 10 NFL games at timmaywood.com and ask for you to give me the winner and how much they win by. Then, you score points on just how close you got to picking the actual margin of victory (and lose points if you pick the loser and it’s not close).

It’s never too late to join in the fun. We’ll play for bragging rights to start as we get our prizes in order. If you want in, just go to timmaywood.com and fill out the weekly picks sheet and you’re entered in the contest. If you want to get in on the paid contest, note that in your picks and then send money via PayPal to tvtipsterbt@gmail.com ($5 per week and $45 for the remainder of the season). All picks for Week 7 are due by Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

Week 6 results for players wanting picks shown attached.

Spread the word and …


 Love, The Commish

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