PIX WEEK 5 RESULTS: The Writer Authors A Winning Week

He has lurked near the top of the leaderboard each week, but Pix Populi Week 6 proved to be Steve Kistulentz’s coming-out party.

The award-winning poet and novelist, a top 10 finisher in each of the first four weeks, scored 27 points each in college and NFL to finish with 54 points, five points ahead of the hard-charging Adam Carroll.

Overall, it was a smaller field as many regulars were rightfully more focused on hurricane evacuation than football games. We hope all our South Carolina Lowcountry players are returning to minimal damage to their homes after the vicious storm.

Carroll led after the college games with 28 points, just one ahead of Kistulentz. Ron Wilson, Rob Gillinder, Rob Nelson, Jason Timmons, Alexis Yeomans, Doug Mayer, Eric Bowman, Debbie Wood, Russell Holley, Barry Wood and David Neal all finished with 20 points or better picking the college side.

The key game was a seven-point swing as Kistulentz correctly picked the Cowboys and Carroll picked the Chiefs.

Ric Beaudoin led all NFL pickers with 35 points, followed by newcomer Susan Leclair, Debbie Wood, Bluffton mayor Lisa Sulka, Justin Jarrett, Larry Boysel, newcomer Denise Rader and Alan Arseneau.

Week 4 winner, Tim Wood, laid a Week 5 egg, finishing near the bottom of the 65 players with 19 points. The Commish caught up with Wood, who was resilient while congratulatory.

“I’m a yoyo picker, what can I say. Consistency hasn’t been my game in Pix, unfortunately. I like going with underdogs too often,” Wood said. “Nice job to Steve and the others. As long as I don’t keep losing my wife and Dad, I’ll be just fine. And I’ll see you in the playoffs.”

Overall, it was a rebound week, as the top 11 players all finished over 40 points.

Kistulentz takes the weekly title and the automatic bid into the Pix Populi playoffs, where qualifying players will go head-to-head through the bowl season and NFL playoffs. Kistulentz also took home the $64 pot among paid players.

Congrats to Jarrett and Sulka, the only two players to correctly pick that Tom Brady would have over 320 passing yards (he finished with 406) and that the Patriots would score 34 points or under (they scored 33).

Kistulentz also took over the overall points lead, as previous leader Tim Wood fell to sixth.

THE OVERALL TOP 10: Kistulentz 177, Arseneau 176, Russell Holley 173, Debbie Wood 172, Carroll 165, Tim Wood 162, Diana Pinkham 153, Eric Bowman 143, David Neal 128, Barry Wood 127

On to Week 6, which once again features one of the weakest slates of college games we’ve ever had to assemble. Ohio State-Wisconsin and Alabama-Tennessee are the lone highlights among a week of clunkers.

We’ve thrown in three bonus picks to help you offset what could be a horrendous college picking week.

It’s never too late to get into the contest as each weekly winner gets a spot in the playoffs. And with so much change in the cumulative totals, there’s still plenty of time to get in on the battle for year-long champion.

Each week, I post out 10 college football games and 10 NFL games at timmaywood.com and ask for you to give me the winner and how much they win by. Then, you score points on just how close you got to picking the actual margin of victory (and lose points if you pick the loser and it’s not close).

It’s never too late to join in the fun. We’ll play for bragging rights to start as we get our prizes in order. If you want in, just go to timmaywood.com and fill out the weekly picks sheet and you’re entered in the contest. All picks for Week 6 are due by Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

To enter the paid contest, send $5 for weekly entry or $50 to pay for the rest of the season to The Commish’s PayPal account at tvtipsterbt@gmail.com or email The Commish if sending by snail mail.


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