Pix Populi Week 4 Results: Pinkham Wins Nail Biter as Women Dominate

It was a nail biter of a week that came down to Monday night to decide the winner, but after 12 lead changes throughout the weekend, Diana Pinkham took the Week 4 win, squeaking out a victory over a six-pack of late contenders.

Pinkham trailed The Commish’s Better Half, Debbie Wood, by nine points after the college games but Pinkham took control of the week by correctly picking the Falcons and Raiders wins.

“I’m simply happy to have beaten Russell Holley,” Wood said. “Just happy to be part of the group that showed girls rule, even when it comes to picking football games.”

Lisa Sulka also had a strong comeback week, one of the two gamers out of 76 entries to correctly pick the Bills beating the Patriots. The Chiefs did in The Mayor on Sunday night.

Congrats to Alan Arseneau for finally having the cajones to pick his Vikings to win, which should lead to an 0-12 rest of the year for the Vikes. Nice stadium, though.

Dave Adams, Justin Jarrett, Alan Arseneau, Rich Venito, Alex Tamme and Jason Kappozo were all in the mix heading into the Sunday and Monday night games. Jarrett and Dan Kam had the strongest NFL week, while Debbie Wood, Adams, Boysel and Carol Stumpfel all scored well among the college games.

Pinkham earns an automatic bid into the Pix end-of-season playoffs with her weekly win. She also takes home the $56 weekly pot among the paid players.

Well, it looks like many of you liked having the college rankings and the point spreads included in the picks sheet and the scores reflected it.
“This should be a regular thing. Level the playing field for those of us who aren’t full-on degenerate gamblers and just enjoy the game,” said newcomer Jackie Joseph.

“I both resent and resemble that remark,” Holley said. “I’m just glad I beat Dave Adams and Ryan McCarthy.” (Half right, Russell. Adams smoked you, but you did beat McCarthy, who for some reason hasn’t shown up to pick yet this year. But congrats on your biggest loss, Russell — shedding 40 pounds since spring.)

Overall, 60 of our 76 combatants were in the positive numbers this week. So we’ll keep that as a regular feature. Duly noted, Jackie.

On to Week 5 and the return of the greatest quarterback in NFL history. I promised you all some chances to make up ground in overall points with some bonus questions sprinkled in. To celebrate TB12’s comeback, there are two bonus questions included in this week’s picks sheet.

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